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Birthdate:Apr 21
Location:Oregon, United States of America
This is the blogging identity attached to my meatspace persona. I work in a library, read a lot, am interested in a lot of things, and like avoiding internet flame wars. I generally want the world to work on a creative-commons, pay-it-forward, expect-the-best, gift-economy* sort of basis, and while this isn't always possible, I do try to avoid situations in which social standing is based on owned objects or on adherence to rigid guidelines regarding physical attributes.

Things that frustrate me include: people whose value systems can't encompass the above (or whose worldviews can't tolerate the valuing of hobbies or fun), people who refuse to learn or state that they are unable to do so, news organizations which pump up public paranoia for no good reason, and people who habitually assume the worst in others.

*gift economy: situation in which many things, material or not, are acquired by being freely given rather than as part of an arrangement of explicit value-for-value exchange.
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